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Frequently Asked Questions

Consultation with dental implant surgeons and industry specialists highlighted that despite high surgical success rates, implants can sometimes fail with resulting failure of the supported prosthesis and also trauma or accident over time can result in failure of both the implant and the prosthesis. Patients who could potentially be faced with expensive remedial costs can now be offered added protection and peace of mind as part of a responsible Aftercare Plan.

The Plan allows Participating Dental Practices to provide a guarantee to all Qualifying Patients in a way which enhances the standard offer to patients and provides a 5 Year Protection Plan with benefits for your business.

It offers 5 years protection and additional peace of mind for patients as well as being an effective marketing tool providing income generating opportunities and other benefits for your business.

After gaining appropriate consents as part of the Treatment Plan, Participating Dental Practices add all Qualifying Patient’s Procedure Details to the ImplantSure system. The process is straightforward, online and secure.

Once registered, dental practices log in to the ImplantSure system online and add procedure details on a simple form using a series of tick boxes.

You will be asked to confirm your understanding of the Qualifying Criteria when you apply to become a Participating Dental Practice.

A condition of the Insurance Policy is that the Patient must undertake an Annual Review consultation to monitor and maintain the health of the implant site. The Patient should ideally return to the Practice which either placed the implant or undertook the restoration work.

Making a claim is easy and straightforward. In the first instance a patient will contact you and the claim will be made on line through your Dentist Dashboard.

Simply complete the Registration form online. Dental surgeons working within a Dental Practice will be registered with the General Dental Council (GDC) and will have placed implants under a mentoring programme following a recognised course of study in implant dentistry.

Once registered as a Participating Dental Practice, we will provide you with login details together with all necessary help and information that you may require. It really is simple and straightforward to operate.

ImplantSure is available to all Qualifying Patients and from the research we have conducted, we believe that the majority of patients will qualify with industry experts confirming that exclusions relate to accepted dental contraindications.

As a Participating Dental Practice, you are considered part of an elite group working to provide the highest level of patient protection and satisfaction possible. Participation with ImplantSure can demonstrate to patients that you have taken responsible, proactive steps to protect them in the event of implant failure (despite high surgical success rates) and accident, as part of a responsible Aftercare Plan.

ImplantSure can be used as an effective marketing tool in a way which can differentiate you from your competition. It provides benefits for your business that can include a buy-in for patients to undertake mandatory chargeable Annual Reviews and Hygiene Visits and in addition, there is no longer a need to self-fund remedial costs in the event of implant failure or accident.

To include the 5 year Guarantee as part of the standard offer to all Qualifying Patients and to add all Qualifying Procedures to the ImplantSure System as well as establishing appropriate maintenance and oral hygiene programmes to patients and recommending dental hygiene visits as appropriate.

Participating Dental Practices are not offering or selling insurance products. You are purchasing insurance which backs the Guarantee through Riva Insurance Brokers Ltd, who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to sell insurance.

Yes, ImplantSure is fully compliant.

The ImplantSure website and all associated policy documentation has been closely scrutinised to ensure compliance in accordance with FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulation.

An overview of the ImplantSure insurance scheme is provided in About ImplantSure together with the FCA status of Riva Insurance Brokers Limited (who administer the scheme) and the insurers AmTrust Europe Limited. This information can be confirmed by visiting the FCA website.

Riva Insurance Brokers Limited administer the ImplantSure scheme and sell insurance policies to Qualifying Participating Dental Practices through the ImplantSure Website. This enables the Participating Dental Practice to provide a 5 year guarantee to all Qualifying Patients (subject to the Terms and Conditions detailed in the documentation provided to Qualifying Patients).

The Master Policy Wording (for Participating Dental Practices) and the Policy Terms and Conditions (for Qualifying Patients) are found in Policy Details.

The Policy Terms and Conditions document sets out the Terms and Conditions between the Insurer and the Dental Practice who undertook the dental implant procedure and who has agreed to pay the premium for the insurance.

Consequently (and as is made clear on this website and in the Terms and Conditions document), Participating Dental Practices purchase the ImplantSure insurance policy cover and are not selling an insurance policy or offering it for sale to their patients.

All data is protected secure on line. ImplantSure is administered by Riva Insurance Brokers Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the FCA and underwritten by Amtrust Europe, an A rated insurer.

Please use the Contact us section on the website.

This is only a brief description of the full policy details which are contained in the Policy Wordings and which include limitations, exclusions and cancellation rights. If there is any conflict between the contents of this document and the policy, the policy will govern in all cases.