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Become a Participating Dental Practice

All Dental Practices meeting our Qualifying Conditions can apply to register online free of charge.

Why register with ImplantSure?

With commercial benefits for your business, ImplantSure enables your Qualifying Patients to benefit from a 5 Year Protection Plan.

Registering is easy

Apply on line to join the ImplantSure Guarantee Protection Plan by completing the Registration Form. After acknowledging the insurance Policy Terms and Conditions, agreeing to include the Guarantee to all Qualifying Patients and paying by Direct Debit, submit the online form and you will receive Insurance documentation as well as information about how to use the system securely. There is no Registration Fee.

Once registered with ImplantSure

You will have access to your secure ImplantSure Dashboard which features important information and allows you to add Qualifying Patient’s procedure details on the system, contact ImplantSure, make any claims and edit practice details.

Obtaining consents from patients

Suggested wording can be copied and pasted (through a link on the Dentist Dashboard) in to the Patient’s Treatment Plan requesting consent from patients to share details of their procedure with Riva Insurance Brokers Ltd, administrators of the Protect Insurance Scheme who are regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to sell insurance.

Adding Patient Procedure Details on to the ImplantSure system

Participating Dental Practices log on to the Dentist Dashboard and can add procedure details for all Qualifying Patients online once an implant has been placed, using a simple form and a series of tick boxes.

Providing information to Qualifying Patients

The Treatment Plan Wording includes details of how Qualifying Patients can access details of the insurance policy which backs the 5 Year Guarantee provided.

The importance of adding Procedure Details

It is a condition of the Insurance Policy that Procedure Details should be added to the ImplantSure system for all Qualifying Patients.

Providing a 5 Year Guarantee to all Qualifying Patients

The Guarantee is provided to patients in the form of an insurance policy purchased by the dental practice.

Qualifying patients

ImplantSure is available to all Qualifying Patients and from the research we have conducted, we believe that the majority of patients will qualify with industry experts confirming that exclusions relate to accepted dental contraindications.

Communication with ImplantSure

Communication with ImplantSure can be made through Contact Us in the Dentist Dashboard

Patients should attend an Annual Review

It is a condition of the Policy Wording that patients attend an Annual Review with a Participating Dental Practice in order to review and maintain the health of the implant site.

Logging procedures

Details of the procedures once submitted are stored securely on the system and the insurance policy is updated by the number of implants placed and guarantees issued. You will receive confirmation that a procedure has been logged on the system and that cover is in place for the patient.

Insurance Premium costs

The cost of insurance backing the Guarantee is charged to Participating Dental Practices on a per implant basis. The standard price is £150 per implant placed (inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax) with a volume discount structure available based on the number of implants planned to be placed by the dental practice each year.

Providing the Guarantee to patients is cost neutral to you

The cost of the insurance which backs the Guarantee is considered to be one of the costs of providing the dental procedure and included as part of the standard offer to patients. The insurance cost per implant placed can be added to and included in the overall procedure price charged to patients becoming cost neutral for the dental practice.

Statement of Guarantees issued monthly

Each month, Participating Dental Practices receive a Statement of Guarantees which lists the patients who have been provided with a guarantee during the month.

Monthly invoicing

Each month, the dental practice receives an invoice which corresponds to the monthly Statement of Guarantees. Payment from your account is made to Riva insurance Brokers Ltd by direct debit on the date of invoice.

Monthly payments by direct debit

To facilitate monthly payments by Direct Debit, you will be required to complete an online form as part of the Registration process.


In the first instance, the patient should contact the Participating Dental Practice who can complete an online Claim Form to be submitted to ImplantSure. Any payments will be made directly to patients unless otherwise instructed by the patient.

Use the Guarantee as an effective marketing tool

Demonstrate your commitment to ongoing patient aftercare in a way which encourages them to choose you for their dental implant treatment. In addition, it can demonstrate competitive advantage becoming another marketing tool for your Treatment Coordinators.

Secure data

The Plan is administered by Riva Insurance Brokers Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and underwritten by Amtrust Europe, an A rated insurer. All data is protected secure on line.

Your commitment to ImplantSure

To provide the Guarantee to all Qualifying Patients by adding all Qualifying Procedures to the ImplantSure System in a timely manner after obtaining relevant permissions and consents from patients.