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Benefits to you

ImplantSure offers 5 years protection and peace of mind to patients as part of an effective Aftercare Plan whilst providing significant benefits to Participating Dental Practices.


No self-funding

Costs of remedial work are covered by insurance at no cost to you.


Potential income streams

  • Provides a buy-in for patients in respect of chargeable mandatory Annual Reviews and potential hygiene visits.
  • In the event of complications, remedial costs become fee earning as opposed to being absorbed within the business.
  • Ongoing reviews and hygiene visits provide a real reason to stay in touch with your patients in a way which encourages loyalty with the potential of repeat business.


Demonstrating commitment to patients and Referring Practices

  • As part of your ongoing Aftercare Plan and maintenance programme.
  • Encourages Annual Reviews and hygiene visits.
  • Encourages effective ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the health of the implant site.
  • Offers a clear protocol in the event of complications or accident.


Ongoing protection

  • For 5 years beyond the scope of the initial procedure for the implant and prosthesis.
  • Peace of mind with a financial safety net for your patients.


Marketing opportunities

  • New patients and potential downstream business.
  • You can assure your patients and prospective patients that you have taken responsible, proactive steps to provide the highest level of patient protection and satisfaction possible as part of an effective Aftercare Plan.
  • Treatment Coordinators can refer to ImplantSure providing another reason for prospective patients to choose you.
  • Referring Practices can recognise your commitment to their patient’s ongoing Aftercare in a way which differentiates you from other practices.
  • Supporting your dental partners by removing the need for potentially difficult negotiations about where the responsibility lies for costs incurred in respect of remedial work undertaken. In some cases, restorative dental partners may benefit from potential hygiene visits.