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About ImplantSure

ImplantSure is a 5 year Protection Plan developed for the Dental Implant Market and available exclusively to Participating Dental Practices.

It offers a way for patients to benefit from a 5 Year Protection Plan with the minimum of fuss whilst providing significant benefits for Participating Dental Practices.

Participating Dental Practices can include a 5 year guarantee within their standard offer to Qualifying Patients in the form of an insurance policy.

ImplantSure Practice Protect provides 5 years cover for patients who could potentially face expensive remedial costs in the event of implant failure, resulting failure of the supported prosthesis and also trauma or accident over time affecting both the implant and the prosthesis.

Protection and peace of mind for your patients

As a dental practice, you stand by your work and repair or replace work if it fails in the short term. However, this obligation can’t reasonably extend to events beyond your control and with implant dentistry in particular, statistically, implants can fail, trauma and accidents can occur despite high surgical success rates.

We recognise that implant dentistry represents a significant outlay for patients so now you can enhance your current offer and provide genuine peace of mind as well as extended 5 year protection as an ImplantSure Participating Practice.

ImplantSure provides a financial safety net for patients who are potentially faced with the burden of expensive remedial costs.

Benefits your business

As a Participating Dental Practice, you are considered part of an elite group working to provide the highest level of patient protection and satisfaction possible.

Participating Dental Practices can assure patients and prospective patients that they have taken responsible, proactive steps to provide the highest level of patient protection and satisfaction possible as part of an effective Aftercare Plan.

ImplantSure can be an effective marketing tool for Participating Dental Practices.

With commercial benefits for your business, ImplantSure is easy to join and straightforward to operate with no long-winded form filling.