Questions Answered

How can the Guarantee Plan be summed up?

The Plan allows you to offer a 5 year guarantee which enhances your standard offer to patients helping to encourage new business whilst helping to support your dental partners and generate additional income opportunities for your dental practice (see benefits for you).

The Guarantee is provided in the form of an insurance policy for your peace of mind.

What makes the Implant5ure Guarantee Plan unique?

On going protection for patients for 5 years

The Plan provides an effective marketing tool for the dental practice as well as offering you additional income opportunities.

How can the Guarantee be used as an effective marketing tool?

It offers 5 years peace of mind to patients, providing competitive advantage encouraging patients to choose you over your competitors. 

Provides an additional reason for referring dental practices to choose your practice

Can the Guarantee help to maintain contact with patients?

Each patient must undertake an annual review consultation under the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. This provides a good reason for them to maintain contact with the dental practice and return for new treatments where appropriate as well as recommending you to their friends.

What does the Guarantee mean for the Patient?

An on going commitment from the dental practice providing protection against complications and accident for 5 years. It’s an enhanced product offer as far as the patient is concerned. 

What are the financial benefits for the dental practice?

Offering the guarantee enhances the standard offer to patients and encourages new, as well as repeat and recommend business. 

Insurance costs are per implant placed and are considered to be one of the costs of providing the dental procedure charged to patients and cost neutral for the dental practice

Mandatory review consultations can be chargeable by the dental practice at the end of each of the 4 years following implant placement. 

Remedial costs of complications over 5 years (including surgical costs, components, ancillary procedures and time expended) including accidental damage, become fee earning.

So, joining the Implant5ure Guarantee Plan can generate additional income for the dental practice as well as encouraging new business (see benefits for you).

Is promotional help available for the Dental Practice?

We will supply literature promoting your 5 year guarantee to qualifying patients and also Referral dental practices.

Who is providing the Patient Guarantee?

The dental practice is offering a guarantee to patients which is provided in the form of an insurance policy.

What’s the substance behind the Guarantee?

The insurance policy provides cover against the cost of remedial work undertaken as a result of complications or accident up to the limits stated in the Policy 

Is the Guarantee valid if implant placement and restoration work is undertaken by different dental Practices?

Yes, we recognise that Restorative dental Practices sometimes refer Patients to implant placing Practices 

Are there any qualifying conditions for the Patient?

Yes, precautions need to be taken by the Patient and these are clearly stated within the insurance Policy Wording.

Who is the beneficiary in the event of a Claim?

The Patient is the beneficiary of the insurance policy. The dental surgeon will be reimbursed as set out in the insurance policy.

How does the dental practice obtain a new insurance policy each year?

As a Plan member, dental practices will receive an annual renewal invitation from the insurance broker.

How does the Patient obtain the Guarantee?

The dental practice will offer a Guarantee as standard to all qualifying patients. This is provided in the form of an insurance policy, details of which will be made available to the patient as a download (or a written copy) from the date of commencement of the implant procedure. 

How much additional administration is required from the dental Practice?

We have worked to keep it simple. You are required to complete simple procedure forms online and supply information as appropriate for relevant claims if requested (see how does the Guarantee Plan work?)

How easy is the Guarantee Plan to operate?

Once logged in to the system, it’s a simple automated process which records the procedure undertaken by the patient through a series of tick boxes. You submit the procedure on line and the procedure is then covered by insurance. 

The dental practice receives a monthly invoice for insurance premiums due which is paid by Direct Debit as agreed. (see how does the Guarantee Plan work?) 

Is the Patient required to have an annual check up by a dental surgeon?

A condition of the Insurance Policy is that the Patient must undertake an annual review consultation with a dental surgeon. In the first instance the patient should return to the Practice which either placed the implant or undertook the restoration work. 

Are there any obligations for the dental Practice?

You undertake to offer a Guarantee as standard to all qualifying patients in respect of qualifying procedures.

Can the insurance policy costs be passed on to patients?

Insurance costs are per implant placed and are considered to be one of the costs of providing the dental procedure charged to patients and cost neutral for the dental practice

Can the Patient take your guarantee and visit another dentist for remedial work?

We would expect that in the majority of cases, a patient would return to you other than in extenuating circumstances.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

Please use the “Contact us” section and we will reply to any questions you may have 

This is only a brief description of the full policy details which are contained in the Policy Wordings and which include limitations, exclusions and cancellation rights. If there is any conflict between the contents of this document and the policy, the policy will govern in all cases.